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Hoa Binh culture

   Collection of Hoa Binh culture’s stone and bone artifacts. The Hoa Binh Culture mainly distributed in rock-shelter and caves in Hoa Binh, Ha Nam, Ninh Binh, and ThanhHoaProvinces. This Early Neolithic culture dates back 10,000 to 16,000 years ago. The characteristics of the Hoa Binh culture is that all tools were manipulated from pebbles by striking and chipping on one side. Stone tools include short axes, dish-shaped tools, almond-shaped tools and some edge ground axes. The typical living space of Hoabinh people was the limestone cave and related riverine valley. Museum of Anthropology displays and stores the artifacts collected during field trips and archaeological excavation in Hoa Binh culture’s vestige caves such as Hang Sung Sam  (old Ha Tay province), Tam Cave, Cho Cave (Hoa Binh province). It can be said that Museum of Anthropology’ collection of Hoa Binh culture’s stone artifacts is among the most beautiful and characteristic of this culture, displayed and archived in Vietnam museums. Viewers can compare Sonvi’s and Hoa Binh’s collection to see the advancements in stone making techniques between the tưo periods; and the tendency to diversify means of living as well as the rationalization of accommodation arrangements of Early Neolithic residents compared to Late Paleolithic.

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