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Sat, 17-04-2021   
Pre-Dong Son culture


Collection of pre-Dong Son’s pottery and stone artifacts in Red River Delta (Bronze Age 4000 to 2,600 years ago): According to many researchers’ assessment, pre-Dong Son artifacts in Museum of Anthropology are not only plentiful but also include original and representative pieces, the most special of which is the collection of Phung Nguyen culture’s pottery patterned goods from archaeological sites in old Ha Tay, Vinh Phuc, Phu Tho provinces and Ha Noi city. The vestiges of this culture are almost the open-air settlement sites scattered at the high plain, near the springs and streams, in the river basins and high hills and mounds in the plains and coasts.  Museum of Anthropology  also displays and archives unique bull-shaped decoration, which was discovered in Dinh Trang site, Ha Noi, dated to Go Mun culture. The collection of Phung Nguyen culture’s stone tools and ornaments with varous types is also considered an outstanding feature among the Museum’s collections.


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