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Dong Son culture


Collection of Dong Son culture’s artifacts (Early Iron Age 2600 to 2000 years ago). Dong Son Culture was discovered in 1924 in Thanh Hoa. Formed and flourished on the basis of a long combination of the previous cultures, this culture was broadly distributed from the northern borderline to the southern part of the Ngang Pass (Quang Binh), mainly concentrating in the basins of three big rivers of Hong, Ma and Ca. The metallurgy and bronze casting techniques peaked in this period, with various categories and rich decorative patterns vividly reflecting the ancient Vietnamese society in the first stage of the national building. The collection included various types from Dong Son bronze drum I to IV, bronze tools, weapons and jewelleries. Also mong this collection were intact pottery items and pieces with various shapes and decoration patterns, which can’t be found in other museums except for National Museum of History in Hanoi and Thanh Hoa provincial museum. Most notably in this collection are artifacts which reflects the production process of stone jewelleries in Thanh Hoa, these are pieces of raw materials, work in progess, finished items and scraps collected by teachers and students of History Faculty from ear-rings production workshops in Sen Mountain, Dong Son, Thanh Hoa. The collections of tools, weapons and jewelleries reflect the technological and aesthetic skills of Hung dynasty’s residents; as well as help viewers to visualize to a certain extent social structures and relationss, besides the cultural and economic exchange relations between ancient Viet residents and residents of other regions within South Asia, East Asia, and South East Asia.


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