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Sa Huynh culture


Collection of Sa Huynh culture’s artifacts (Early Iron Age 2500 to 2000 years ago).Sa Huynh Culture is the name given to the archaeological sites dating back 2,500 years ago along the Central and Northern Central Vietnam from Quang Binh to Dong Nai, including some islands (Ly Son, Con Dao, Tho Chu). In 1906, the first artifacts of this culture were discovered in the sand-dunes in Sa Huynh (Quang Ngai). In 1909, information about this culture was revealed by French scholar Vinet on the Bulletin of the Ecole Française d’Extreme-Orient. The collection included pottery coffin - burial jars in various shapes and sizes, pottery grave goods, jewelleries in glass, agate, carnelian, amethys, gold… In manufacturing jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings), the ancient Sa Huynh people showed their high aesthetics and creativity, with various materials (gemstones, semi-precious stones, glass, agate). Earrings with three notches or two animal-heads are one of the distinctions of the Sa Huynh Culture. These original and elaborate earrings were not only preferred by the Sa Huynh people but also exchanged to the surrounding areas in Southeast Asia. The artifacts stored in Museum of Anthropology were mainly collected from excavations by Archaeology Department in Hau Xa, An Bang, Gò Mả Vôi, Gò Miếu Ông, Lai Nghi sites (Quảng Nam), Bình Châu (Quảng Ngãi), Gò Duối, Hoà Diêm (Khánh Hoà). In this collection, there are rare and original artifacts such as burnt rice grains found in Lai Nghi site, clay pieces with rice imprint at Go Mieu Ong,onyx, carnelian, agate, glass and gold beads found in different sites, pottery footringpainted in black graphite at Binh Chau (Quang Ngai), footringpainted red combined with carved decoration in Lai Nghi … Sa Huynh culture’s artifacts are rare among Central and Local museums in North Vietnam, therefore, this collection of Museum Humanities is very useful for comparison purpose, besides display purpose. A part of this collection was borrowed by University of Da Lat, and is currently displayed in the library of University of Da Lat.


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