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Sat, 17-04-2021   
Ha Long culture
Ha Long culture belongs to Late Neolithic period with two stages of develoment (about 5.000 - 4.000 BP). Up to now, 27 sites were found. The sites are located on the sand dunes, on island beach, in some caves....The sites of this culture atr situated on the islands in the northern sector of Bac Bo Gulf and is seen as derivative from Cai Beo context. They base this opinion on the similarities in the rectangular and shouldered adzex recovered. Sites of this groups also yield polished stone bracelets, beads and pendants, not dissimilar to Phung Nguyen examples. Stone implements consist of stepped shouldered adze and "Ha Long marks" (stone grinding has slot) is most important type in the stone assemblage of this culture. About pottery, the soft pottery is common in the context of Ha Long culture and according to Vietnamese archaeologists, this kind of pottery shown the strong sea orientation of the Ha Long people. Ha Long people is not only gather and hunter, but also agricultural and fishing activities. The making of pottery, ornament... has developed.
Current time, The Museum of Anthropology is preserving and displaying some artifacts belonging to Ha Long culture such as axes/adzes has shouldered, unshouldered, pestle, saddle-quern, grinding stone, and they belong to the teaching collection.

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