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Sat, 17-04-2021   

           After an era of building and defending the country, Au Lac fell under feudal rule of the North. During 1000 years, our people never ceased fighting, with exemplary revolutions lead by Hai Ba Trung, Ly Bi, Mai Thuc Loan, Phung Hung, Khuc Thua Du and achieved temporary independence several times. Bach Dang victory in 938 of Ngo Quyen was a milestone in the history of Vietnam, ending the permanent domination of over 1000 years of feudal North, opening a period of real and lasting independence for our nation.

In terms of social structure, the Vietnamese were able to preserve the traditional structure of village, which nurtures and promotes the essence of traditional Vietnamese culture, building a foundation for the struggle against the North and against the assimilation.


Một vài hình ảnh hiện vật Giai đoạn 10 thế kỳ đầu công nguyên
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