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          In the XV century, after the victorious Lam Son revolution, kings of the Le dynasty voluntarily accepted and used East Asian – Confucianism culture as a solid ideological foundation on which to build the centralised, authoritative absolute monarchy. The court affirmed the supreme position of Confucianism, limiting Buddhism and Taoism.

In the XVI, XVII, XVIII, there were many economical, social and political changes in the Vietnamese society: war separating the country, staggering feudal authoritative government, developing goods – money market economy, vibrant trade activities on the East Sea, prosperous cities Confucianism was maintained as a social dominating ideology, but no longer retain its supremacy. Buddhism, Taoism and many other popular beliefs were revived.
In the XIX century, Confucian orthodoxy was restored, but the multicultural identity continued to grow. Vietnamese culture was receptive to the cultural exchange between the East and the West.


Một vài hình ảnh hiện vật Thời Lê, Mạc, Lê Trung Hưng (TK XV – XVIII)
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