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Sat, 17-04-2021   
Sưu tập hiện vật văn hoá Chăm


Collection of pottery artifacts and building and architectural materials of Champa culture. Museum of Anthropology is one of the few museums in Vietnam which archive and exhibit Champa culture’s pottery pieces from the early 1st, 2nd century AD to 9th, 10th century AD. These artifacts was discovered in the investigations and excavation in Bãi Làng, Gò Cấm, Trà Kiệu (Quảng Nam), Cổ Luỹ- Phú Thọ (Quảng Ngãi), Thành Hồ (Phú Yên)… The colletion includes rare artifacts such as ancient Cham’s egg-shaped jars (dated from 1st century AD), end tiles ornamented with human face ang lotus (dated from 3rd, 4th century AD). Collections of ancient Cham and Champa pottery pieces are also abundant with various types of pots, high-footring cúp, jars, kendi… made of coarse and fine clay…


Một vài hình ảnh hiện vật Văn hoá Chăm



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