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Mon, 26-10-2020   
Ancient tomb found in Ha Noi

A tomb estimated to be about 2,000 years old has been excavated at an archaeological site on the outskirts of Ha Noi.

Artefacts belonging to the Dong Son culture (2,000BC-AD200) excavated at a site on the outskirts of Ha Noi. — VNS Photo Hai Kim

And other objects found at the site indicate that there was an earlier settlement dating back as far as 4,000BC – to the beginnings of Viet Nam's history as a trading nation.

So far, scientists have found an earthenware jar and cooking pan – plus, most significantly, a bronze axe, all of which are thought to belong to the renowned Dong Son culture (2,000BC-AD200).

But they have also uncovered various working tools, weapons and daily wares made from stone, bronze and pottery from the preceding Dong Dau culture, which existed from 4,000 to 2,500BC.

Human bones were found inside the tomb, but they were said to have been almost destroyed by time. They could provide evidence of the physique and type of the people of the time.

The excavation site, named Go Den Ran, covers a total area of 3,000sq.m. The discoveries have been brought to light by archaeologists from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities who have been working for more than a year.

The site is within the allocated border for an urban development area named Kim Chung – Di Trach Urban Zone. Scientists have asked concerned agencies to stop construction so that further study can be carried out.

Source: Viet Nam News [December 23, 2010]

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