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Fri, 26-02-2021   
Introdution in exhibition activities of Anthropology Museum


alt Includes three types
  alt    Pemanent Exhibitions
  alt     Special Exihibitions
  alt     Themed Exihibitions



Similar to the work of collecting and constructing collections, exhbitions needs to be closely related to the content of the training and researching programmes. The exhibition’s contents need to satisfy the target demand (first of all staffs and students in and outside the School), relating the methods and contents of the exhibitions to the training and research of some subjects, in some faculties within the school. At the moment Museum of Anthropology has opened the exhibition rooms on Archaeology, Ethnology and Vietnamese Traditional culture to support the study and research of staff and students, completed showcases exhibiting open and visual pattern specimentswhich enables the process of exhibition – education to become more varied and effective. Museum of Anthropology also cooperates with Museum of History of Vietnam, Museum of Ethnology, UNESCO’s Association of preserving Vietnamese ancient artifacts in themed exhibitions.
Exhibitions in Museum of Anthropology are classified into several main types:
-         Permanent exhibitions
-         Special exhibitions (Open exhibitions)
-         Visual exhibitions
-         Themed exhibitions
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