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Fri, 26-02-2021   
Special Exhibitions
Open exhibition: Visit, research and analyse samplesalt
Museum of Anthropology’s collections of artifacts and relating documents are used for study, research, publishing, display, restoration and creation purposes. Due to the sensitivity of several materials to changes in outside environment, the contact with artifacts needs to comply with museum’s regulation and to be placed under the supervision of specialists. Students and researchers who wish to work with artifacts in the museum needs to make prior contact with museum’s staff to arrange a date and time; as well as fully comply with rules and regulations of the museum.
At the moment, Museum of Anthropologyhas constructed and made use of the following open exhibitions (these exhbitions are still in the process of supplementing and completing) 
1.                           Sample collections of earthenware rim's types and decorations of Phùng Nguyên - Đồng Đậu – Gò Mun – Đông Sơn cultures.
2.                           Samples collection of types and materials of stone tools and jewelleries of Phùng Nguyên - Đồng Đậu – Gò Mun cultures.


3.                           Sample collection of Hoa Binh culture stone tools: Types and material  
4.                           Sample collection of Sa Huynh pottery: Types, materials and decorations
5.                           Sample collection of Cham’s pottery (early 1st to 4th century; and 5th to 10th century)
6.                           Sample collection of Tran, Le dynasty’s earthenwares, stonewares and ceramic
Artifact of the month
Besides online exhibition and selective exhibition of representative artifacts, every month Museum of Anthropologywill introduce 01 artifact (known as artifact of the month) with accompanied detailed information.




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