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Fri, 26-02-2021   
The mission of Anthropology Museum
nhiemvu1.jpg             The Museum of Anthropology is a place of both artifact exhibition and studying, which is manifested through the following aims and objectives of the Museum:
1. Collecting, preserving, restoring and reconstructing a large variety of artifacts, samples and artifact collections of traditional and modern Vietnamese material culture; 
2. Collecting and maintaining in various methods traditional and contemporary non-material cultural heritage and  possession for researching purpose; 
3. Conducting exhibitions of artifact and sample collections in various forms applying modern methodologies and techniques; 
4.  Educating and promoting the knowledge to lecturers and students majoring in social  sciences and humanities;
5. Promoting of research related to the collections concerned history, culture and museology…  






Address: 3-4 Floor – D Building - 336 Nguyen Trai street - Thanh Xuan District - Ha Noi
Điện thoại: 04. 3 5589477 / Email:baotangnhanhoc@yahoo.com