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Particular features of Museum of Anthropology

            Particular features of Museum of Anthropologyalt

In addition to its general museological functions and missions, Museum of Anthropology continuously looks for new methods that are appropriate for a university museum’s capacity and aims. In order to meet diverse and multi-levelled demands in research and study of teaching staffs, lecturers, researchers and students, Museum of Anthropology aims towards the following criteria in performing its functions of collecting, preserving, exhibiting and utilising artifact collections.
1.                          Ensure the accuracy and lucidity in artifacts’ origins (Museum of Anthropology uses genuine artifacts in exhibition and as studying samples, and gives priority to artifacts found within archaeological excavations or ancient and contemporary living contexts)
2.                          Ensure the generality, diversity, particularity and continuity of artifacts.
3.                          Ensure the Simplicity and Freshness in artifact exhibition.
4.                          Ensure the Openness and Easiness in approaching and studying samples.
5.                          Ensure providing database in both digital and direct methods.
6.                          Ensure maintaining and improving the close correlation between exhibition and visitors.
This is the type of museum that belongs to an educational institution in social sciences and humanities. Therefore, the Museum’s greatest missons include not only artifact preservation and exhibition, but also providing knowledge to visitors as well as attracting and encouraging their interests in maintaining, preserving and promoting national and mankind cultural values at various levels and in diverse ways. The museum promotes visual literacy as part of a broader, comprehensive education for all and seeks to enhance its visitors’ perceptions and understanding of Vienam cultures throughout history and of art as an enduring human endeavor. To this end, the Museum shall acquire, preserve, study, exhibit, and interpret artifacts of all kinds of the highest quality in a variety of media that represent the Vietnam cultures from earliest times to the present.



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